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Standard Cleaning

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MC  Maid Convenient® provides the finest cleaning service in Ontario. Each visit the following services are provided by our professional cleaners:
Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms, Den, Family Room
-Remove cobwebs
-Clean mirrors/picture frames
-Dust and polish furniture exterior
-Remove normal smudging from doors, light switches, heavily used areas
-Dust venetian blinds
-Clean window ledges/trim/baseboards
-Change linens
-Empty all trash cans and ashtrays
-Vacuum, damp mop or wash floors as surface dictates

-Clean and disinfect sink, outer surfaces of counter tops and appliances
-Clean microwave
-Wipe cabinet doors
-Clean window ledges/baseboards
-Wash and disinfect floor

-Clean and disinfect tub, sink and tile
-Clean and disinfect toilet
-Clean mirrors
-Clean window ledges/baseboards
-Wash and disinfect floor

Yes! We provide premium quality carpet steam cleaning

See the phone numbers to the left and contact us for further details or a quote!
(Weekly Clients)*

At Maid Convenient® we provide a 'Special Room Service'®, where one room is given a 'spring cleaning'. This room is alternated each visit allowing you to have that 'spring clean freshness' year-round. This service is in addition to the cleaning services outlined to the left and is available to you at no extra cost. The 'Special Room Service'® includes:

Living Room, Den, Family Room
-Wall Dusting
-Clean windows inside
-Clean fireplace
-Move all furniture - vacuum
-Wax floors

-Wall Dusting
-Clean windows inside
-Clean closets
-Move all furniture - vacuum or damp mop

-Clean refrigerator inside OR clean oven (client requested to spray oven prior to arrival of cleaners)
-Clean cabinet doors inside
-Clean windows inside
-Wax floors

-Tiles (complete tile scrub down)
-Clean vanity inside
-Clean medicine chest inside
-Clean windows inside
-Wax floor

*'Special room service'® also available for bi-weekly clients at an additional charge.
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